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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Rahsaan Roland Kirk / August 7

Thursday, August 7th .. 9pm
The Greenwich / 2442 Gilbert Ave / Cincinnati, 45206
513 221-1151
FB event page :

ISWHAT?! presents ...

The Rahsaan Roland Kirk Leo party
Live music by ISWHAT?! and guests
Art by Jack Walker (ISWHAT?! poet, sax & flute player)
Film, "The Case of the 3 Sided Dream" by Adam Kahan

Celebrating birthdate, genius and determination of the Columbus born multi-instrumentalist, Rahsaan

Splitting the Lobes from Adam Kahan on Vimeo.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

what it means to be civilized

The fascinating thing about being civilized is that the burden of civility rest in the shoulders of the civil ... Not the savage.

The savage cannot be relied upon. 
If they are able the grasp the concepts of patience, compassion, critical thought and delayed gratitude, these are not their priorities. 

The civilized must hold themselves responsible for their own actions and their responses to actions of the uncivilized. It is a balancing act in a world of willing and negligent savages. 

We fight to maintain dignity, decency, and at times to simply survive.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

on stage, on tour, Sorg & Napoleon Maddox

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

why would you use a kid with a gun as cover art ?

When I published my newsletter and blog post entitled "Beats in the Key of Life" a couple weeks ago ... a person replied that it was interesting to hear about all the projects I had underway but they were "Curious why you all chose a child with a gun for your album cover..."

This opened the kind of dialogue we hoped to have with this release about the topic of guns and rights in America.

I replied, "good question... I am glad that image provoked enough thought for you to ask.
That image was taken from the NY Times .. I'd been writing about the sense of "Security" or false security many people in the USA seem to have as they exercise their rights they see as expressed by the 2nd amendment. I personally feel that if you need a gun to make you safe, you are not safe at all.

In any case, during the time that I'd been writing on that topic, I found this article in the New York Times. It talks about how, in addition to the high profile deaths, there are a high percentage of accidental deaths that are not reported as such. Here is the link to the article: New York Times article

The child in the image we used is named Lucas. You will see his photo about halfway down the page. As you might discover if you have time to read the article, the gun he is holding in the photo with his dad was given to him as a present. At the age of 3 Lucas accidentally shot himself to death with another gun he found in his home.

Thank you for reading my newsletter, thank you for your curiosity and your conversation."

In the next replied the correspondent explained that they wonder if with out the complete context from which this image was taken, the image might seem to "sanction" the irresponsibility of the parents.

My reply was, "To your question, does the image "sanction what the dad did?"... nothing sanctions the
irresponsibility of Lucas' parents.
The aim and apparent accomplishment of using this image is to get people to think and
talk about the greater responsibility that comes with assumed rights.

One of the things that are very important to me about art is the ability to comment on the
world we live in, often provoking thoughts and feelings about images that would go unnoticed otherwise.

Overall, when I see that image, what I see is a child that could not be holding a weapon had
not his society made it accessible to him, his parent taking it a step further and putting the weapon directly in his hands at
an age where he was likely not yet able to read. (In that image I don't see: GI. Joe, IronMan, PowerRangers, Batman, etc)

The image doesn't sanction violence. It documents violence that exists
through fear, ignorance, polarization and xenophobia.

The image portrays the innocent victims of gun violence.
It is violent, but with this image we do not sanction violence, we mourn and protest against it"